Week In Photos – 12/7/2020

In an effort to get myself to write and take more photos I decided to start a weekly post of the previous week’s photos that I took. I don’t have much of a plan for this series, but it feels like a good way to get myself to reflect on the past week and focus on writing more. It’s December, so with the Holidays and another heavy quarantine around the corner what better way to document the season? So here goes.

Squirrel Attacked Coffee Bag

The neighborhood squirrels started a war last week. I’ve looked the other way as they ate our Halloween pumpkins or taunted our dog on the front steps. But it all changed last week. Every week I get a bag of coffee sent to our house through the online subscription service, Trade. Last week I was looking forward to this new bag from Irving Farm in New York. When I went outside to pick up the coffee beans much to my surprise the neighborhood squirrels busted into my the back and tore it apart. It’s on now, guys.

We’ve reached that in-between time of year where it’s not the colorful part of fall or the pretty part of winter. We’re living in the Mama’s and the Papa’s song – California Dreamin

Marshmellow Old Fashioned

We made marshmallow old fashions and they are great.

COVID Dishwasher

Since we have been quarantined it feels like we’re running the dishwasher every day of the week. And while the dishwasher is running, we’ve got a pile of dishes waiting in the sink for the next run. Much like a crowded rush hour platform, these dishes are always waiting for the next train/available washer.

Bell's Christmas Ale

It’s the best time of year for beer. We picked up four six packs of Christmas ales last week. Two sets of Bell’s – their Christmas Scotch Ale and their Old Fashioned holiday brew, St. Bernardas Christmas Ale and Odell’s Isolation Ale.Contrail

And finally the last worthy photo I took last week. There’s nothing special to say about this one, other than I really liked the way it all came together.

October Snowstorm

It started snowing again today. At first the snow was a light snow that reminded me of “Stranger Things” other world type of snow. But now it’s turned into a full on snow storm with a forecasted total of 6 inches accumulated when it’s all over. In Minnesota six inches isn’t out of the ordinary, but on October 20th it’s pretty much out of the norm. As a kid I don’t remember it snowing this early in the year, except for the big Halloween blizzard of 1991 which any Minnesotan over the age of 35 will gladly tell you about.

I was curious about how early it usually snows in Minnesota so I looked back over some weather timelines as well as my own social media feeds and found that over past couple of years it has snowed early in October – almost like clockwork. They’ve all been pretty light but snow that doesn’t stick around when it’s this early in the year but seeing snow in October can really be brutal on your mood.

List of Minnesota snow records

During my in depth research of early snowfalls I found this table on Wikipedia with the list of Minnesota weather records. Here’s the snow records with the earliest recorded snowfall being August 31.

Event[3] Measurement Date Location
Earliest recorded snow[1] Trace August 31, 1949 Duluth
Earliest measurable snow 0.3 inch (1 cm) September 14, 1964 International Falls
Latest recorded snow 1.5 inches (4 cm) June 4, 1935 Mizpah
Most snow, 24 hours 36 inches (91 cm) January 7, 1994 Lake County
Most snow, one storm 47 inches (119 cm) January 6–8, 1994 Lake County
Most snow, one month[7] 66 inches (168 cm) March, 1965 Collegeville
Most snow, season 170 inches (432 cm) 1949 – 1950 Grand Portage State Park
Deepest snowpack[7] 75 inches (191 cm) March 28, 1950 Pigeon River Bridge
Most fatalities, winter storm[8] up to 200 January 12–13, 1888 Statewide

As it’s “Stranger Things” snowing out I’m listening to Cattails by Big Thief. It’s has a very nice mellow sound that goes great with this kind of weather.