COVID-19 Vaccination Rates By County & State

This is a filterable table I created to list the most COVID-19 vaccinations in the United States by county & state sorted in order of the percentage of everyone vaccinated. In addition to showing the total percentage of eligible vaccinations for everyone in the county, the table also lists the percentage for 12+/18+/65+ year olds. Take the results with a grain of salt for any county with a low Completeness column, though. According to the CDC the completeness column represents:

“Percent of the states fully vaccinated recipients with valid county of residence. States with lower percentages for valid county of residence should be interpreted with caution.”

The results are updated daily as you can see the date column shows the last time the data was updated. The data set is CDC data sourced from a .JSON file at @mattwaite‘s GitHub repository. That data is updated daily from the API that powers the CDC COVID Data Tracker website.