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I’ve worked with broad range of technologies that are critical for solving complex problems. My core strengths are in full-stack development, covering both front-end and back-end technologies. My pricipal development stack primarily .Net C# development, along with JavaScript, React, Azure, and Azure B2C, ensuring that I can deliver comprehensive solutions, whether it’s building dynamic web apps or architecting scalable cloud-based systems.

Web & Mobile Application Development

Custom web and mobile app development from the ground up. This is full life cycle development or I can drop in to solve complex problems. My process goes by gathering client requirements and building bespoke applications tailored to those specifications. The focus is on delivering a high-performance, scalable solution that aligns with your specific business objectives and technical needs.

API & Database Development

I design and build robust APIs and database systems aimed at reliability and performance. The APIs are built to facilitate efficient data interchange between disparate systems, while my database solutions are designed to be scalable and optimized for high-volume data storage and retrieval.


Contract on new & existing applications

I offer specialized architectural and developmental roles in both new and existing projects utilizing .Net, C#, SQL Server, React, JavaScript, Azure and AWS. My role can range from independent consultant to collaborative team member, contributing expertise in software architecture, best practices, and efficient project management.

Consult on technology strategy

Here, I provide strategic insights on structuring your technology stack and architecture. My advice is backed by years of hands-on experience in the field, ensuring that your project is not only built on a solid foundation but also ready for future expansion and adaptability.

CMS & Ecommerce Platforms

Shopify and WordPress development and configuration. Shopify is an excellent fit for those focused on Ecommerce, providing a robust and user-friendly platform, while WordPress offers unmatched versatility for various types of content. Whether you’re launching an online store or setting up a content-rich website, I handle all the technical elements, from development to configuration, to provide you with a solution that perfectly aligns with your business needs.

WordPress Web Hosting

I take care of all the technical aspects, details like uptime, backups, and plugin updates, ensuring that your site is always live, secure, and up to date. This service is designed for those who want a worry-free digital presence, with all maintenance and troubleshooting handled by an experienced professional.

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