Armchair Media Explorer: Running list of all media

Jul 21, 2023 | Programming

We’ve added a running list of all the recommended and mentioned books, songs, articles, podcasts, movies, documentaries and shows from each episode of Armchair Expert podcast to the Armchair Expert Media Explorer.

List of movies mentioned in Armchair Expert podcast episodes

Every media entry is separated by the media type so users can easily toggle between the different types, like from books and documentaries, for example. You can also toggle to sort by the most mentioned media and alphabetical by name. The list is also displayed using movie posters and cover art from various sources. I really like displaying the media in this format, especially the movies and documentaries.

There are so many nights when just sit on the couch with no idea what to watch. Now I fire up the Armchair Expert Media Explorer and have a hand picked list of recommended movies. The movies are not only recommended or talked about by Dax and Monica, but these are all the movies that are talked about from each episode of the podcast. It’s very nice and easy browsing when you’re in need of something to watch, listen or read.

So if you are in the mood to find something new to watch, head over to the Armchair Expert Media Explorer and check things out.


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