What I’m Working On

I’m currently leading multiple technical initiatives with Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute to architect, build and develop healthcare software systems to assist doctors, transplant programs and researchers to improve the outcomes of patients and populations affected by chronic diseases.

Technologies: C#, JavaScript, .Net Core, React, SQL Server

Recent Posts

  • Centralized Streaming Radio Stations I listen to a lot of streaming radio stations during the day and wanted a way listen to each one on demand like a Spotify or Apple Music playlist, essentially a playlist for centralized streaming radio stations. Switching between a new browser tab every couple of hours isn’t an efficient way to stream, so I […]
  • Most COVID-19 Vaccinations By County & State I was curious what counties and states were leading the way in COVID-19 vaccinations so I created a data table to list the most COVID-19 vaccinations by county & state in order of the percentage vaccinated. The below table lists the percent for everyone in the county as well as 12+/18+/65+ years old.
  • Writing To Becoming A Better Writer There are lot of posts on how writing is a very important skill set for developers. These posts say the best way to become a better writer is to just start writing. I feel the same way about coding. Anyone who asks me how to get a start in the programing world I’ll tell them […]