What I’m Working On

I’m currently working with the Chronic Disease Research Group to architect and develop applications for health care research into chronic diseases and  organ transplant patient outcomes for use by doctors, research staff and hospitals.

Technologies: C#, JavaScript, .Net Core, React, SQL Server

Recent Posts

  • Filter DataTable By Column Value With Custom Dropdown Menu In addition default search box in DataTables sometimes it’s nice to have the ability to filter by a specific DataTable column. This example shows how to use a custom drop-down menu to filter a DataTable by column value. I’m going to create a drop-down menu that displays the unique list of strings from a column […]
  • Create multiple .env files in a React app Configuring multiple environment files for a React app is handy if you have different variables for each environment (local, dev, test and production) – API endpoints is a good example. Like the name suggests, a .env file allows you to create environment specific variables that you specify to be used in specific builds for each […]
  • There was an error running the selected code generator in .Net Core 5 I’m working on a new .Net Core 5 web app with user authentication and Identity Server 4 where I need to customize some of the Identity account pages (Login, Register, Forgot Password, etc). Out of the box these pages are built into .Net Core and Identity Server 4 so there’s nothing you need to do […]