What I’m Working On

I’m currently leading multiple technical initiatives with Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute to architect, build and develop healthcare software systems to assist doctors, transplant programs and researchers to improve the outcomes of patients and populations affected by chronic diseases.

Technologies: C#, JavaScript, .Net Core, React, SQL Server

Recent Posts

  • How I Got My Start As A Professional Software Developer This month marks my 20th year as a professional software developer. Over the years I’ve had a lot of opportunities to work on some pretty big software projects and meet some great people along the way. But I didn’t start out like most of the other developers I’ve worked in my career. I got my […]
  • AWS Amplify removed video sources from HTML A good amount the websites I’ve pushed to production in the past couple of years have all been hosted on-prem within my client’s data centers. However, not all of my clients have test environments. Up until recently I’ve been hosting my test sites with Server4You, a fantastic non AWS/Azure/GCP hosting company/provider. But with the rise […]
  • Filter DataTable By Column Value With Custom Dropdown Menu In addition default search box in DataTables sometimes it’s nice to have the ability to filter by a specific DataTable column. This example shows how to use a custom drop-down menu to filter a DataTable by column value. I’m going to create a drop-down menu that displays the unique list of strings from a column […]