What I’m Working On

I’m currently leading multiple technical initiatives with Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute to architect, build and develop healthcare software systems to assist doctors, transplant programs and researchers to improve the outcomes of patients and populations affected by chronic diseases.

Technologies: C#, JavaScript, .Net Core, React, SQL Server

Recent Posts

  • Set The Active Class On Bootstrap Nav Links In MVC Here’s a quick way to set the active class on the current URL with a .Net MVC application. 1. Set a string variable equal to the request path at the top of the layout or view: @{ string path = Context.Request.Path; } 2. Check the path variable against whatever the base url of the nav-link […]
  • A React + IIS Website GitLab CI/CD YAML Example GitLab CI/CD is a pretty big part of my deployment strategy with the React websites that I build. My current engagement has me pushing to a Windows IIS server via GitLab’s continuous integration/deployment, so I wanted to post an example of the YAML file that makes it all happen. Without going into the in’s and […]
  • Redirect A Url To An External Domain In Umbraco 7 One of my clients has an Umbraco 7 site that pretty much takes care of itself other than a few minor content updates here and there. Today that client asked we set up a redirect from an internal URL to an external domain for their job postings. Normally this is an easy change using IIS […]