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Clint McMahon

Technology Consultant / Solutions Architect

Hello, welcome to my website. I help businesses solve problems and streamline important processes.
Most of the time this includes coding custom solutions and designing systems – sometimes it doesn’t. 

I like to build websites and mobile apps in React, React Native, C#, .Net, JavaScript, SQL and AWS. Companies I’m happy to list as clients include National Institutes of Health (NIH), University of Minnesota, Wells Fargo, Thomson Reuters and Wolters Kluwer – just to name a few.

Recent Posts

Chart record high and low temperatures: Part 2

In the last post, Charting historical record high temperatures: Part 1, I wrote a plan and light technical specification to outline a project to chart record high and low temperatures in a dashboard for a given location as well as other record breaking weather events....

Charting historical record high temperatures: Part 1

I'm going to create a website where users can get a quick look at historical record high temperatures throughout the United States along with what the average temperature is for any given date within the year. Users will select a location and date to return a bar...

Unsupported OS Version In Xcode

Last night I updated my iPhone OS to iOS 15. This morning I plugged my phone into my Macbook Air to work on an app but was unable to run the app on my phone because of the new operating system. The app is targeted to run on my iPhone under iOS Device the my phone's...

Centralized Streaming Radio Stations

I listen to a lot of streaming radio stations during the day and wanted a way listen to each one on demand like a Spotify or Apple Music playlist, essentially a playlist for centralized streaming radio stations. Switching between a new browser tab every couple of...

Most COVID-19 Vaccinations By County & State

I was curious what counties and states were leading the way in COVID-19 vaccinations so I created a data table to list the most COVID-19 vaccinations by county & state in order of the percentage vaccinated. The below table lists the percent for everyone in the county as well as 12+/18+/65+ years old.