What I’m currently doing

This is a webpage about what I’m currently doing and working. This page is inspired by Derek Sivers and the /Now movement.

August 2022


  • Starting a /now page. I’ve known about the now movement for a while but have never sat down to write the page. This is my first entry into the /now page world. I plan on sitting down at the beginning of each month to write a new update.
  • We’re all living in Minneapolis at the moment. We’ve been here for the past 10 years but lately have been thinking about moving west or back to Chicago. Housing prices are at an all time high in both of those places, so for now we’re staying put in Minneapolis.
  • Taking advantage of summer and the warm evenings by going to a lot of splash pads with Theo.
  • Planning to take Theo to his first county fair this month and the state fair at the end of the month.
  • Trying to check off all our boxes for from our summer bucket list. It’s going to be getting colder before I know it.
  • Blogging more as a way to get ideas and thoughts onto the page and out of my head. Blogging has helped me become a better writer as well.


  • Keeping focus on website development and system design for my existing clients. I’m taking on two more clients this month which I’m very excited about.
  • Attending new Meetups in Minneapolis – Hackers and Founders and Tech Beers. I’m getting into the local software development/tech scene here as a way to meet people as well as find new clients.
  • Looking for another consultant to come on and help pick up the work load on a large client of mine. The current developer is leaving for a pretty exciting opportunity so I need to find someone who is as self motivated and as good of a coder as the person leaving.

Side Projects

  • Published the first real iteration of WX Records or Daily Climate Dashboard. Need to think of a good name for the website. I plan on releasing a couple more charts this month.
  • Katie has a great idea to document all the media – books, websites, albums, etc – mentioned within each episode of Armchair Expert. We’d then create a searchable media library of all the data. The idea has gotten good reception on the /r/armchairexpert Reddit page.


  • The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk M.D
  • Bomb Shelter by Mary Laura Philpott
  • Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port